Khruangbin / Mordechai LP Vinyl

Khruangbin / Mordechai LP Vinyl

Khruangbin / Mordechai LP Vinyl

Released in the midst of the global Pandemic Mordechai (2020) was the very much needed groove injection to help raise collective spirits. With an overall more uplifting sing-song vibe than their other projects, Khruangbin still offers sentimental lyrics with beautiful psychedelic bassy hooks you'll be singing along with even on the first listen. A welcome escape that will hopefully transport the listener into a calmer, happier and nostalgic headspace.

Favourite Tracks: First Class, Time (You and I), Pelota, One to Remember, So We Won't Forget + Shida.


Side A

  • 1. First Class
  • 2. Time (You and I)
  • 3. Connaissais de Face
  • 4. Father Bird, Mother Bird
  • 5. If There is No Question

Side B

  • 1. Pelota
  • 2. One to Remember
  • 3. Dearest Alfred
  • 4. So We Won't Forget
  • 5. Shida


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