Automatic / Excess LP Vinyl

Automatic / Excess LP Vinyl

Automatic / Excess LP Vinyl

Synthy, electronic, bassy shoe gaze goodness is next up on the menu with all femme L.A band Automatic's 2022 release Excess. If cool had a default sound it would be this album, with tight hooks, pointed yet fuzzy lyrics and an unconventional digital atmosphere, serious bops are being had! Perfect for those crowded walks in the city trying to get to the gig as quickly but as smoothly as possible. This release is a well executed example of the the organic fusing into the automated sound wave, allowing the listener to escape into something uniquely surreal. 

Favourite Tracks:  On The Edge, Venus Hour, Automaton, Teen Beat, NRG + Turn Away


A1 New Beginning
A2 On The Edge
A3 Skyscraper
A4 Realms
A5 Venus Hour

B1 Automaton
B2 Teen Beat
B4 Lucy
B5 Turn Away

Here are some other automatic winners to check out: Wombo, Cola, La Luz + Bnny.

-Mimi :}}

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