Gorillaz / Cracker Island LP Vinyl

Gorillaz / Cracker Island LP Vinyl

Gorillaz / Cracker Island LP Vinyl

Prolific does not even to begin to describe the discography of the Gorillaz and here we are again with yet another release, named Cracker Island. The original trailblazers of including feature artists this record is no exception with 6 out of 10 tracks containing the likes of Thundercat, Stevie Nicks and Tame Impala to name a few. While relying heavily on their classic sound this record wouldn't be considered ground breaking but definitely considered a fun yet critical reflection on society as we know it, something Gorillaz have never shyed a way from. Distorted pop slash dubby hooks with ethereal vocals, this boppy release is best experienced with a side of their iconic music videos that are just as much apart of the band's aesthetic as the sound. With more success comes better production and the evolving visual animated narrative is a feast for the eyes. Competing neighbouring L.A cults is the next chapter in the supernatural Gorillaverse, will you accept Murdoch as your leader? 

Favourite Tracks: Cracker Island, Silent Running, New Gold, Baby Queen + Skinny Ape


A1 Cracker Island
A2 Oil
A3 The Tired Influencer
A4 Tarantula
A5 Silent Running

B1 New Gold
B2 Baby Queen
B3 Tormenta
B4 Skinny Ape
B5 Possession Island

Looking to the join the cult? Check out these alleged members: Blur, MGMT, The Avalanches, Little Dragon, Franz Ferdinand, Foster The People, Thundercat, The Strokes + MF Doom. 

 -Mimi :3)

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