Feist / Multitudes LP Vinyl

Feist / Multitudes LP Vinyl

Feist / Multitudes LP Vinyl

Atmospheric poetic lullabies serenading the listener about coming to terms with the fragility of life is the latest in musical direction for Canadian artist Feist. After a 6 year hiatus fans receive a stripped back album, bringing song back to it's bare musical essentials. With highly considered use of either singular melodic guitar or piano Feist uses this choice as an integral theme to focus on in regards to the basic truth of life: when it inevitably comes to an end. Her ability to use language in such artful yet simple expressions is a surefire way to get those heart strings twisted, a perfect example of this is the line "Love is not a thing you try to do, it wants to be the thing compelling you" in the track Hiding Out In The Open. Love, life and death are themes often overused within the industry but Feist successfully utilises her own healing to bring a fresh, cathartic and glaringly matter of fact perspective to the scene, allowing space for those hard to sit with feelings. 

Favourite Tracks: Hiding Out In The Open, I Took All Of My Rings Off, Calling All The Gods.

Track listing:

A1 In Lightning
A2 Forever Before
A3 Love Who We Are Meant To
A4 Hiding Out In The Open
A5 The Redwing
A6 I Took All Of My Rings Off

B1 Of Womankind
B2 Become The Earth
B3 Borrow Trouble
B4 Martyr Moves
B5 Calling All The Gods 
B6 Song For Sad Friends

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- Mimi   D:

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