Civic / 'Taken By Force' Aus Exclusive Green Vinyl

Civic / 'Taken By Force' Aus Exclusive Green Vinyl

Civic / 'Taken By Force' Aus Exclusive Green Vinyl

On the look out for a band with the unbridled ability to compress garage rock and punk right back down to their chaotic cores? Look no further than Melbourne band CIVIC!!! Attempting to find semblances of calm amongst the crumbling mess seems to be the overarching narrative within this record. Intertwining heavy emotions of anxious doom, anger and melancholia to represent those hard to articulate introspective thoughts, Taken By Force allows the duality of life to come through. With that being said this allows ample space for bombastic surfy fun in between the furious catharsis, something that many genres have a hard time encapsulating, a quality that punk will always have in trumps. Ride the wave!

Favourite Tracks: End of the Line, Fly Song, Time Girl, Blood Rushes

Track list: 

  1. Dawn
  2. End of The Line  
  3. Taken By Force   
  4. Fly Song   
  5. Trick of The Light   
  6. Born In The Heat   
  7. Neighbourhood Sadist
  8. Time Girl   
  9. Wars or Hands of Time   
  10. Blood Rushes 
  11. Dusk

It's my CIVIC duty to inform you of more bands with a similar sound such as: Ausmuteants, Stiff Richards, Alien Nosejob, RMCF, Private Function, CLAMM, C.O.F.F.I.N, Mini Skirt + Eddy Current Suppression Ring. 

-Mimi >:) 

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