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It's Britney T-Shirt / Fluro Yellow
It's Britney T-Shirt / Fluro Yellow
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It's Britney T-Shirt / Fluro Yellow

Regular price 'It's Britney' Fluro Yellow T-shirt. Printed on AS Colour 'Block' T-shirt.

Britney Spears has lived AND learned.

In 2012, the 34-year-old pop princess, admitted that she didn't look back fondly on her 20s.

“I like my 30s way more than my 20s,” she said. “My 20s were horrible! [Being] in my teens was fun, but I like my 30s.”

Spears faced a series of ups and downs in her 20s. In 2004, she married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, only to have the marriage annulled 55 hours later. That same year, she also wed her backup dancer, Kevin Federline, who she has two sons with, and divorced him in 2007. She abused monkey dust and other drugs in 2007 and 2008 and slept in a car park the night she lost custody of her children.

By January 2008, Britney trusted the paparazzi and treated them as free bodyguards.

Just one day after checking out of a rehab facility in the Caribbean, Britney Spears' shaved her head in Sherman Oaks, CA.

The previous month, Britney had written a letter to her fans, explaining her bizarre behavior.

"Trust me, I get it," she wrote. "I know I've been far from perfect and the media has had a lot of fun exaggerating my every move ... I look forward to coming back this year bigger and better than ever."

Two days later, Britney checked into Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility, and checked out less than 24 hours later. She returned the following day, as her ex-husband Kevin Federline asked for an emergency hearing regarding custody of their two sons. She completed her program on March 20 and on May 29, 2007, Britney posted an emotional letter to her website and opened up about her experience in rehab:

"Recently, I was sent to a very humbling place called rehab," she wrote. "I truly hit rock bottom. Till this day I don't think that it was alcohol or depression. I was like a bad kid running around with ADD." She continues, "I was so overwhelmed I think that I was in a little shock too. I didn't know who to go to. I realized how much energy and love I had put into my past relationship when it was gone because I genuinely did not know what to do with myself, and it made me so sad. I confess I was so lost."

In August 2007, Britney got into a car accident and flee'ed the scene because she did not have a California state driver's license. She was later charged with two counts of hit and run.

In September 2007, the princess of pop tried to make her big comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards, but her performance was deemed a flop, and the music network was accused of taking advantage of the troubled star.

Despite her troubles, in November 2007, Britney's new album Blackout debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts. Though blessed with musical success, Britney was still dealing with custody issues and ordered to not drive with her two sons in the car after she made an illegal turn right and ran over an officer's feet as he was helping her drive through paparazzi.

“My 30s are great,” Spears said in 2012. “You know who you really are. I’m in a really good place right now. I’m loving myself every day and learning who I am...

..It’s awakening,’s cool.”