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Fenn Wilson / Ghost Heroin LP Limited Edition Red Vinyl
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Fenn Wilson / Ghost Heroin LP Limited Edition Red Vinyl

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Fenn Wilson 'Ghost Heroin' LP Limited Edition Red Vinyl

Cheersquad Records & Tapes are delighted to be able to bring to you the debut album ‘Ghost Heroin’ from Melbourne musician Fenn Wilson on vinyl for the first time, complete with brand-new cover art done by Myriam den Elzen. Originally released in November 2019, its vinyl debut will hit the shelves in August 2021.

Fenn Wilson emerges from the burgeoning underground indie folk sound coming out of Melbourne. His debut full-length Ghost Heroin expertly navigates the bumpy road from darkness to catharsis and drew reviews dripping with superlatives.

I can’t get over how good it is. It’s not often the elements of writing, performance; arrangement, orchestration and production coalesce into something you can actually describe as ‘perfect’. This track (Lost My Way) is rare.' Jonathan Alley, Triple R

Expanding on Fenn’s accomplished 2015 EP 'Tales of the Black Dog', which showcased Fenn's rhythmic guitar playing and husky bass-baritone, the material on 'Ghost Heroin' incorporates additional backing such as bass, cello and vocal harmonies. However, Wilson's vocal chops rightfully hog the spotlight throughout this album thanks to producer Shannon Bourne, who was careful to ensure that enough space was left within the arrangements to highlight this artist's extraordinary singing ability. As such, recording sessions for this set of ten tracks took place in stages.

"I'd put down my track and then Shannon would put down his track, and then we had cello come in and then piano come in, and so it built and built and built," Fenn details, "and everybody was moving their way around the melodies that were already there."

On recruiting the incomparable Holly Joyce - who lends her pipes to another standout album track, 'Bandanna' - Fenn explains,

"We were just listening back to the song and I had my eyes shut and could hear a 'The Great Gig in the Sky' sort of female vocal solo over one particular section, and I asked if she could do it."

The album's title 'Ghost Heroin' references the inescapable torment that often attaches itself to painful memories, but uplifting moments - such as the album opener/second single 'Lost My Way' - illuminate dappled light within the shadows. Of this song, Wilson observes, it’s got this really kooky intro, before crediting Bourne for supplying the trippy flourish that also closes out this reflective track.

Although heartache, depression, world-weariness and uncertainty are recurring song themes for Wilson, ever-present glimmers of hope peak through the despair - think George Ezra leafing through the pages of Nick Cave’s early songbook.

'Ghost Heroin' was funded by the Queenscliff Music Festival’s Emerging Artist Grant, which Fenn was awarded in 2018.


1. Lost My Way
2. New Home
3. Bandana
4. All That You Are
5. River
6. Mirrors
7. Eye on You
8. Sway
9. Ghost Heroin
10. Wall Fall