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Elephant Stone / Back Into The Dream LP Recycled Vinyl
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Elephant Stone / Back Into The Dream LP Recycled Vinyl

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Elephant Stone 'Back Into The Dream' LP Recycled Vinyl

Montreal psychedelic pop travellers Elephant Stone release their new album Back Into The Dream, out now through Cheersquad Records & Tapes.
Straddling the elusive boundary between the corporeal and the transcendent, Montreal-based Elephant Stone has cemented its reputation as a band deeply invested in probing the contours of dreams and consciousness. Over a 14-year odyssey, their sonic tapestry has evolved into a rich and intricate form of art, capable of capturing the boundless terrain of human emotion and cognition. Their new album, "Back Into the Dream," serves as the ultimate culmination of this musical evolution, offering listeners an entrancing passage through realms of introspection and wonder.
The band's driving force, Rishi Dhir, has an innate ability to bare his soul through music, plumbing the depths of his vulnerabilities and musings. "I'm often caught in the web of intense, recurring dreams, which I think reflect my ongoing quest for identity and a sense of belonging," Rishi divulges.
Heading the auditory expedition of the album is the track "The Spark," a compelling invitation to venture beyond the mundane and delve into profound self-exploration. "Even when I'm in conversation, I frequently find my mind wandering to distant places," Rishi admits. "It's my own form of escapism, a manifestation of feeling somewhat unmoored in life—emotions that reverberate throughout our latest compositions."
"Back Into the Dream" isn't merely an album; it's a complex orchestration of emotions, ideas, and existential inquiries. Songs like "Going Underground," "History Repeating," and the enigmatic "bae" pledge to stir a kaleidoscope of sentiments within the listener.  

Supplementing Elephant Stone's signature sitar vibes are echoes of free jazz, especially evident in tracks like "Pilgrimage" and "The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody In The World." This innovative fusion adds another layer to the band's already diverse musical palette.
Rounding out the rich soundscape of Elephant Stone are stalwarts: Miles Dupire on drums, Jason Kent juggling keys and guitar, and Robbie MacArthur on guitar. Together, they ensure that each song—from "Pilgrimage" and "On Our Own" to "Another Year Gone"—stands as a testament to Elephant Stone's constant evolution and their unwavering commitment to musical boundary-pushing.
Centered on the enigma of dreams—whether they're subconscious murmurings or portals to parallel universes—"Back Into the Dream" encapsulates the eternal cycle of waking and dreaming. "We're perpetually oscillating between two realms, trying to comprehend each," says Rishi. "If our music can serve as a bridge between these worlds, then we've accomplished our mission."
Embark on a journey with Elephant Stone and allow their music to guide you effortlessly "Back Into the Dream."


Lost In A Dream
The Spark
Going Underground
History Repeating
The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody In The World
On Our Own
Another Year Gone