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David M Western / On On & On LP Vinyl
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David M Western / On On & On LP Vinyl

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David M Western 'On On & On' LP Vinyl

David M Western’s second album titled ‘On, On & On’ combines many musical genres from indie-folk to alt-country, in it Western spins many styles together that while listening the album may feel like something familiar yet strangely twisted and different. Like a knife stuck in the guts of music you grew up on. Recorded almost entirely live with minimal overdubbing, ‘On, On & On’’ showcases and cements David M Western’s status as one of Australia’s most cutting and exciting young songwriters. Drawing on inspiration from John Prine, Big Thief, Gillian Welch and Daniel Romano, On, On & On’ dares to dream of a glorious future and reflect on a life already lived.

Co-Produced with Alex O’Gorman aka Gormie (Angie McMahon, Big Smoke) who perfectly captures the mood and meditative offering of emotional clarity that this album guides you through from start to finish. Like everything else in this age of change and reinvention, David M Western has emerged sounding a little bit different, drawing you back each time with the marriage of a stylistic head and vulnerable heart.

Written and recorded within just a few months, Western used this album to focus on love and friendship after the devastation and confusion of life. He writes about his friends on songs like ‘Buddy’ imploring towards friends “your soul shines like sunshine, take a night for some free time” and “I swear I wasn’t on the shitter that one time that you called me, your mumma didn’t raise no quitter besides what a friends supposed to be?” on  ‘Roll, Roll, Roll’, to heartbreak and the falling apart of friendships on ‘I’ll Never Forgive You’ and ‘You Remind Me of A Friend’ with pining lyrcism “read books about love but nothing was enough”, while also casting a humorous  spotlight dissecting his youth and regional upbringing in outback Australia on ‘On, On & On’ “the pub in town it ran out of beer, that made headline news cos that don’t happen here”  and the heart-wrenching, titanic ‘Wrong’ “why try be right anyway? Nothing hurts like the truth.”

Broad in its use of sound the listener will be taken on a journey through explosive, drum-heavy, sing-a-ling choruses  such as ‘Pressed Flowers’ and ‘Roll, Roll, Roll’ to the sentimental and wistful Buddy, Run and You Remind Me Of A Friend, to the comical and boyish title track ‘On, On & On’.

‘On, On & On’’ offers so many different takes on youth, love, friendship and adulthood the listener could mistake it as a cult phenomenon or a rite of passage for the young adult. A new age soundtrack for the coming of age.


Pressed Flowers
Roll, Roll, Roll
On, On & On
I’ll Never Forgive You
You Remind Me Of A Friend
I Will Go Anywhere