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Cry Club / 'Spite Will Save Me' LP Vinyl
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Cry Club / 'Spite Will Save Me' LP Vinyl

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Cry Club 'Spite Will Save Me' LP Vinyl 

Spite Will Save Me is basically the sound of us desperately outrunning our own negativity, manically laughing the entire time. We’re more driven and motivated than ever, because we had to be. We broke all of our own rules just for the hell of it, and only let ourselves work on whatever we found interesting or exciting. The pandemic forced us to be more introspective, looking at how we’ve changed since high school or even in the last 3 years, and allowing ourselves to be aspirational and idealistic. You wanted to be in a massive 80s glam band? Let’s do it! Wanna be the scary, confident, strong queer you’ve always dreamt of being? NOW YOU ARE! Fully embracing the
delusional fantasy of whatever you wanna be. There’s such a tangible sense of play here, our usual approach of “what experiences recently have affected us, and what would we have wanted to say in that moment?” couldn’t really apply because we weren’t able to have those experiences.

Track listing: 

Get Up!!!
A Bit of Hell
Somehow (You Still Get To Me)
Bad Taste
Hocus Pocus
People Like Me
Cry About It
I Want More