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Cannon / Comet's Coming LP Black Vinyl
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Cannon / Comet's Coming LP Black Vinyl

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Cannon 'Comet's Coming' LP Black Vinyl

Cannon, featuring Mitchy McIvor, Dave Mudie and Adam Green, were ubiquitous on the Australian live circuit during the mid oughts peak of the “new rock” revolution. While their raucous single “Hell” from their debut Hardwood Hits EP, was resonating loudly on the national airwaves, they crossed the country with the likes of Jet, fellow locals Dallas Crane and internationals including Tenacious D and The Black Keys. 
Pausing after this initial burst of activity in 2008, Cannon returned more than a decade later with their debut album Connexion in 2021. The album was a chance for a reunion of good friends and a re-exploration of the explosive chemistry that won the band initial acclaim in the mid-2000s. Their second album in quick succession Comet’s Coming, is a perceivably darker affair, with rawer tones soundtracking deeper themes and concepts, telling the trio still have plenty of fresh creativity to explore.
Title track “Comet’s Coming” with its staccato guitar figure and lurching overdriven bass features a pre-apocalyptic theme lifted from the novel “Voss” by British-born Australian fiction writer Patrick White. In the novel the central protagonist Voss, through his epical, troubled voyage across the Australian continent ultimately accepts his destiny. McIvor suggests, “it’s a fatalist song about the acceptance of mortality”.
Recorded in Fabian Hunter’s (Jade Imagine, Baby Blue) cramped, analogue gear laden Fishbone Tone Shack Studio, the trio recorded hot to tape, giving the new album takes a raw weightiness that is evident from the first listen.
Dave Mudie shares, “he’s (Hunter) got a lot of vintage gear and cool tricks, it’s a small space but it really suited us to get in there and play it live”.  With most of the songs still fresh from McIvor’s sketch book, the band captured these new compositions with little rehearsal, which Mudie adds translated well to the record, “they weren’t overcooked and were still exciting for us.”
The album Comet’s Coming, is a cohesive and powerful statement that flows effortlessly from track to track, having always threatened big things, now Cannon deliver them.


Lithium Springs
Comet’s Coming
Water Over Our Heads
Mind Screw
Skim The Scum
Ride The River
Box Cat Blues
Last Call