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Alien Nosejob /  Once Again The Present Becomes The Past LP Vinyl
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Alien Nosejob / Once Again The Present Becomes The Past LP Vinyl

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Non-stop rocker Alien Nosejob, aka Jake Robertson, returns to earth with his second full-length record of 2020, finally bringing the high-octane hardcore punk side of the band to an LP.
Hot on the heels of January’s "Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud" LP, Nosejob carries on their winning streak and wordy album titles with "Once Again The Present Becomes The Past", which instead follows in the footsteps of the November’s "HC45" 7"; merging early 80’s hardcore and late 70’s NWOBHM.
"Once Again The Present Becomes The Past" started life as a concept record about Australia’s first and largest air raid, the 1942 Bombing Of Darwin. However, while grappling with this heavy subject-matter, something from Norm Macdonald’s book, of all places, stuck with Jake: "The Present Became Past Again". History is forever repeating itself. It continues to happen. It will happen again.
As the record took shape, it was fleshed out with the help of his new reel-to-reel recorder, turning crust and hardcore influences into the dark and cold array of songs documented within.

1. Piano Prelude
2. Airborne Toxic Event
3. Spearfish Torpedo
4. Air Raid On N.T.
5. Pointed Shares
6. The Day After
7. Present Becomes Past
8. 9.58 am
9. Once More 1984
10. Piano Interlude
11. Sound of Sirens
12. The Path To Extinction
13. Mutilated Turtle
14. Dead Pelican