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Hierophants / Parallax Error 12" Vinyl
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Hierophants / Parallax Error 12" Vinyl

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Hierophants are not an oldies group, they are not a glitter group, they don’t play boogie music and they don’t play the blues. Hierophants are an original Rock and Roll group of 2015, and their songs are brief, to the point and every one a potential hit single.

The quartet consists of Zak, Daff, Paris and Jake. They started in 2010 when Jake moved from the coast north of Sydney down to Geelong and found himself hanging out with a bunch of teenage paisley clad skaters who swapped their Vans for boots at night, snuck into the pubs and started a dozen bands. Zak and Jake did some recordings one weekend, asked the two best looking people they know to join them live and the four of them have been writing songs altogether ever since.

Zak, the guitarist, plays with such free-spirited freedom that his sound has been compared to Lou Reed donking Mark Mothersbaugh over the head with his guitar.

Paris, the keyboardist, is an arch villain whose diminutive frame stands aloof left (or right) of stage.

Daff is bass guitar and the acknowledged handsome one of the group, and Jake is the drummer who's chimp-like playing underpins the simian sound of the band.

The Hierophants mostly originate from Geelong and kids who grew up there either became musicians, uni students or surfers. Hierophants are a little of each. Their sound is not unlike throwing your calculator in the ocean.

Track list

01. Stress
02. Change
03. Bain Marie
04. Conspiracy Theory
05. Fagg Hopp
06. 321
07. Think
08. Nothing Neu
09. Hail Stones
10. White Bread
11. Nervous Tic
12. Taste
13. Fall
14. Eighty-Zer0