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Marcus Whale / The Hunger LP Vinyl
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Marcus Whale / The Hunger LP Vinyl

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Marcus Whale 'The Hunger' LP Vinyl

Limited Edition 12" Pressing of "The Hunger" by Marcus Whale, comes with a double sided gatefold insert on DERO ARCADE.

"A vampire must be welcomed into a space to enter it; always standing at a doorway, on the periphery, on the edge. The human familiar also waits at a border, literally edging, waiting for the promise of penetration. A witch’s familiar is usually an animal, like an owl or a cat. To the vampire, there’s no difference between people and pets. You become a little doggy, tongue out begging at the back door.

For a vampire, blood is a treat, a lubricant, a dressing. Puncturing skin breaches a boundary, sucking a future out from two holes. In gay porn, a bottom might scream “I’m a faggot sir I’m just a hole I’m nothing but a hole sir to serve you”. A vampire familiar begs for broken boundaries, but must be held at arm’s length; to exist is to be denied. It’s stasis; the future can’t pour in if you’re closed off. You stand at the door, even when you welcome others in. I’m open and ready, waiting at your door, but I remain impossible." - Angus McGrath


1. Cowboy Song
2. Two Holes
3. Impossible
4. Portal
5. Perfume
6. The Hunger
7. Familiar
8. Raining Blood
9. Undead