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1300 / GEORGE CD
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1300 / GEORGE CD

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1300 'GEORGE' CD

‘George’ is K-Pop Dystopia by the Australian-Korean rap boy band from outer space, 1300.

1300's debut album, ‘George’ is the Korean-Australian rap boy band’s aggressive claim to fuse KPop with hip hop, gabber, trap and industrial. George is an exploration of the sonic energy of being trapped between cultures, between Australia and South Korea, between rap and club.

Named after the innocent primate, Curious George, the album sees 1300 come to grasp with the defilement of youth. George is no longer curious, stripped of his innocence. Lyrical themes of anxiety, disconnection and cultural distortion run through the album, refracted through the lens of the individual members’ unique worldview. Together, rako, goyo, DALI HART, Nerdie and pokari.sweat combine for a stark exploration of coming of age in an era of doomscrolling, deepfakes and digital misinformation.

‘George’ rumbles through acid synthlines, gutpunch bass and world cup stadium sized choruses. 1300 draw from the full breadth of their sonic jungle, enlisting an all-star cast of Korean rap royalty, including legendary OG EK, weirdo rap experimentalist sokodomo and Easymind & ODDEEN for the album. A statement of their global outlook, ‘George’ is 1300 blazing a path for the disaffected kids with biblical dreams, from Seoul to Sydney, London to Busan.


1. Yao Ming
2. Wire
4. Follow Me
5. Lalaland
6. Superbad
7. Rock Lee
8. Ape Shit
9. Levitate